Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love Him. James 1:12

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

“On Eagles’ Wings”

“In a desert land he found him, in a barren and howling waste. He shielded him and cared for him; he guarded him as the apple of his eye, like an eagle that stirs up its nest and hovers over its young, that spreads its wings to catch them and carries them on its pinions. The Lord alone led him; no foreign god was with him.” Deuteronomy 32:10-12

I recently learned an interesting fact about how a female eagle finds her mate. She watches carefully for a male eagle who shows interest in her and when ready to be courted, she flies down, picks up a twig and carries it high into the air. She drops the twig and watches to see if the male eagle will catch it before it hits the ground. If he is successful and returns the twig to the female, she will find a larger twig or branch to drop a second time. The eagle will repeat this process with various sized branches from various heights. If the male ever allows the branch to fall to the ground, she flies away and the courtship is over.

For the final test, the female picks up the largest branch she can carry and will fly in a figure eight pattern. She will choose her timing and suddenly drop it to see if the male will succeed. If he does, they will lock their talons in flight and become one another’s lifetime mate.

The most interesting fact about this process is to realize the reason behind the female eagle’s series of tests. You see - when a baby eaglet reaches a certain point of maturity, it is time for the mother to push it from the nest in order to see if it will fly. Obviously, this is a stressful time for the eaglet. He has never flown before and instinct must take over, but there is that possibility the small bird isn’t ready yet to take flight. The mother nudges him over the edge anyway. He flaps his wings frantically as he falls faster and faster. Just before he hits the ground, the father eagle swoops down just in the nick of time and catches him on his wings. Daddy will then safely return the baby back to the nest where he will await the next flying lesson.

It is easy to see here why the momma eagle was so adamant about choosing a mate that could pass the test - one that could be trusted. For her precious babies very lives depended on his swiftness to catch them and carry them through. Sometimes I feel like that baby eagle who has been pushed out of the nest. I flap my wings like crazy in order to take flight, but despite my efforts I continue to fall farther and farther. But in all those situations, I have had a daddy eagle swoop down just in time to catch me and carry me to safety.

Are you experiencing circumstances in life that make you feel as if you are falling farther and farther, ready to hit the ground? Does it appear that there is no one there to catch you? God is actively working on our behalf and He is there to support us. He knows what is best and just how much we need to learn through our circumstances. He may allow pain and suffering, but He has promised we will never experience more than we can handle. It is in these very moments that His grace provides us with hope and encouragement and the more we get to know Him the easier it is to trust that He will be there to catch us when we fall. When we can’t find our wings, He will continue teaching us until we do. He carries us through - on eagles’ wings!


  1. I LOVE how the LORD has placed so many examples of Himself within the nature which surrounds us created by Him- constantly being Faithful to remind us of who He is and will be within our lives if we will only let him... Tremendous and very interesting observation sweet sister!! Thank you for sharing- now, when I see an eagle, not only will I remember that He will raise up on eagles wings...but that He will catch us when we fall as the most faithful and trustworthy Father there is.

  2. Hello my Name is Ashley, I never commented on an blogs online so here goes the first. I have recently been experiencing amazing confidence and belief in myself. When I was younger it was hard to appreciate myself in the materialistic world we live in today, now I am 18 years old, I have the wisdom and strength do to the hardships that I've experienced throughout my life. I may not be book smart per say, however I feel like this knowledge is more like a gift, maybe even a reward for getting through those rough patches and somehow still shining like the northern star. It the most amazing experience of my life! I can honestly say I feel empowered! It really is a wonderful gift! :) I have some sort of connection to this story. Recently, through meditation, I visualized an eagle. When this happened I suddenly sat up straighter than usual, and I was able to feel comfortable instantly in a well grounded, confident kind of way. I'm usually the sloucher type, out of habit, so this was highly uplifting to me on a personal level. I couldn't be happier! I can literally connect to this story. Eagle all the way :) Miracles are out there, they're just waiting right around the corner. When you are ready, things will start to change for the better of YOU. I've never experienced anything even close to comparable as this. Amazing, truly amazing! :) -Sincerely,

  3. September 29, 2013

    I don't think it is a coincident that I found this comment section. This is the 2nd or 3rd time I have read or listened to the scenario of how a female eagle finds her lifetime mate. It is a beautiful picture of how our Lord and Savior takes care of His children. I find that each time I have a major challenge or a minor challenge, God will always send messages that I see you Brenda, it will work out, wait for your answer Brenda and believe the Bible Brenda. Thank you for this time of sharing. My God will continue to bless and encourage and take care of His children. Amen